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Educational Sites and Links
We know kids can sometimes drag their feet when it comes to doing homework. But just like Martial Arts, if it learning is fun and engaging then there will be less whining and more eagerness to learn!  When you're waiting for your child in class, or perhaps when they are waiting for their sibling here a couple sites up for your perusal.

Try Khan AcademyIt's a great place to learn just about anything from learning how to code, to history, to grammar. EVERYONE can pick up a  new skill or two and practice old ones. It's the classroom of the future!

A great daily site to go to is
This site has a variety of subjects and a daily movie that teach a pertinent mini lesson to grade school and middle school students (even older!). At the end of the movie there is a quiz as well as other activities available. These quizzes and activities are great for practicing for those S.T.A.R and other types of state testing.

If that site proves to be a bit too challenging try

Another educational spot is at FunBrain
While there is plenty for sale there, there are a LOT of good educational games and activities for all.

Just remember, please be courteous and keep the volume down (even with headsets) so others around you and those in their classes aren't disturbed!
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