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Belt Rank Testing

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Belt rank testing is a tradition in many martial art schools. How the different schools go about it varies. Some hold very lengthy tests of many hours, some spread it out over a couple weeks, others have shorter tests but higher intensity. None are more right than others. At Revolution Training and Martial Arts we usually hold testings approximately every 8-10 weeks and students do not need to test every time. Our testings usually last about an hour and a half depending on the number of testers, ranks and ages, whether they're RevKids or Teens/Adults, with the exception being our youngest group of students, the Tiny Tigers. Tiny Tiger testing usually lasts between 30-45 minutes. Testing serves to provide students with benchmarks to their progress similar to grades in school. Testings usually start out with lining up, bowing in to an instructor or group of judges, and a brief warm up. Introductions of the various judges or instructors are often given at the beginning. The order of these events may vary from school to school. Students will then be set to do the various activities that comprise their testing requirements. Depending on ranks, styles and individual schools the requirements may include forms, weapons, sparring, partner drills, self-defense techniques, board breaking, and general knowledge. Whatever the  case may be students need to show up giving 100 percent with a great attitude, willing to help others and cheer on their classmates. 
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